ADC is closed for the following holidays and vacations:


  • Columbus Day Weekend


  • Halloween (Only if it falls on a weekday.  Classes will be held if Halloween falls on a weekend.)


  • Thanksgiving Break:  Wednesday - Sunday.  Classes resume the following Monday.


  • Winter Break:  The studio will be closed 12/23/20 through 1/1/21.  Classes resume 1/2.


  • February Break:  2/15/21 – 2/20/21.  Drop-in classes and events will be held. Classes resume 2/22


  • Spring Break: The studio will be closed 4/18/21 through 4/24/21.  Classes resume 4/26


  • Memorial Day Weekend: The studio will be closed 5/29/21 through 5/31/21. Classes resume Tues 6/1.


** Please refer to your studio calendar for other events that occur during the dance year.