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Attendance Policy

Please contact the studio ASAP if you are going to be late or absent.  Attendance Policy applies to all students and all classes.  No exceptions.


  • 3 lates will equal one absence.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for class, you will be marked absent and will observe the remainder of class as you will have missed warm-up and will be at risk for injury.



  • If you have a serious illness or injury that will prevent you from dancing, please contact us 

  • Please stay home and rest if you have a contagious illness.

  • If you have a non-contagious illness or injury, you are expected to come to class and observe.  This will allow you to keep up with choreography and class announcements.

  • Dancers may make up absences in a comparable  class on our schedule.

  • Classes must be made up within 4 weeks of the absence.  Ask your instructor when a comparable class is being held.

  • Dancers who have 5 or more absences may be removed from performances (recital, competition, community events, etc.)

  • Dancers who have had a serious illness or injury that requires them to miss several classes will be required to present a doctor’s note allowing them to participate in dance again.

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